About us

Our mission

You use our plan to protect yourself from violence and save yourself from life-threatening situations.


Our story

1999 Start with first trainings and development of the concept "YourPower".

2003 Founding of the sole proprietorship "YourPower, Agency for Crime Prevention" by concept developer and founder Markus Atzenweiler.

2003 Registration of the "YourPower" concept with the Intellectual Property Office and start of training operations.

2004 Renting of training halls in the Sulzer Areal Winterthur.

2006 Book "Criminal violence - and suddenly you're in the middle of it", by Markus Atzenweiler.

2012 eduQua certification.

2013 Conversion of the sole proprietorship into a public limited company.

2015 Rental and expansion of additional halls for public transport, cash-in-transit and banks.

2024 Over 150,000 people trained in 25 years.

Quo vadis? - Goal achieved - but far from the end!

With our self-developed YourPower® concept, we have become the market leader for reality training in violence prevention in both the professional and private spheres. People at the center of safety - we're staying on top of it!


We have been eduQua-certified for 12 years.

Thank you

We would like to thank all our customers and people who have made it possible for us to get started and continue to develop.