How to get here

Can I arrive by car?

We recommend traveling by public transport. The Sicherheits Arena is only a 7 to 10-minute walk from Winterthur railroad station.

Footpath from the station to the Sicherheits Arena

The walk is 7 to 10 minutes.

Parking spaces

Are there parking spaces in the area?

There are only a few paid parking spaces and parking garages in the area.


Do I have to wear special clothes?

No, normal everyday clothing. Please consult your course organization regarding uniforms.


Are meals always included?

No, depending on how it was booked by your company.

Are there catering facilities nearby?

Yes, please ask our instructors. They will be happy to provide you with information.

Is vegetarian catering possible?


Is gluten-free catering possible?


Is lactose-free catering possible?



I have already been a victim. Can I still take part?

We will assess this on an individual basis. Please contact us before the training.

I am pregnant. Can I still take part?

No, out of consideration for the unborn child, participation in training is prohibited.

I have a physical impairment. Can I still take part?

Generally yes, please contact us in advance.


We have to cancel or postpone the course. Is there a charge for this?

Please refer to the terms and conditions on this website.

I am ill. Where do I have to cancel?

Please do not cancel with us, but directly with your company.