Safety Arena - the location for our training sessions

One hundred and eighty years ago, it's steaming and smoking. Steam engines for the world market were produced diligently and with skilled hands on the Sulzer site. Today, your safety is the focus in these historic rooms - in an indoor training area developed for you on over 1,500 m2.

Bistro - being together

The bistro invites you to linger with comfortable sofas, coffee and snacks. Breaks are spent here together and birthdays are celebrated.

Rainbow Room - in Winterthur

The room that everyone appreciates. Pleasant discussions with customers and employees are held in the former engine room.

Container - without waves

The "container" is a fully equipped seminar room for smaller groups.

Bronx - Crime prevention live

The core is the 300 m2 "Bronx" with streets, a dark underpass, bus stop, sound environment and changeable lighting moods from daylight to black at night. In the "Bronx", we simulate and train undisturbed how to deal with everyday, suspicious and dangerous situations. Sound and lighting turn simulation and backdrop into reality: Alone at night on the way home, end of the journey, getting off, through the station, past the ticket machine, through an underpass, along the road, on and on...or...early in the morning, starting work at the bank, going to work, opening doors, access system...this and much more.

Laboratory - not sterile at all

Unique training area with offices, corridor, waiting room and counter, which for the first time incorporates the use of various locking concepts, video and alarm technology into the training. We also train your de-escalation team here.


The labyrinth of offices and reception is suitable for simulating conversation and office work. Counter and back office staff feel like they are at their own workplace.

Back office - where the magic happens

Our planning makes the impossible possible


In our train with 38 seats, you feel like you're on a 6 a.m. commute. Train crew and passengers are trained here.


Our auditorium offers space for 50 people. With our own cafeteria bar, our guests are also well catered for during the breaks.

Subway - no surfing here

The "Subway" on 300m2 in the basement of the building offers absolute discretion. A completely reconstructed bank with open and closed counters, back office, vault, airlock, cash-in-transit vehicle and, of course, the latest alarm components await you here. In our "Subway", a 300m2 training environment awaits all those who deal with money and valuables. The bank with its open counters, airlock, ATM room and training vehicle is a real-life representation of the working world.