Safety training-Your emergency umbrella in hand luggage


YourPower® is a trademarked training concept. Since 1999, we have been giving our full attention to private group and job-related -courses in difficult to dangerous life and work situations. We survive because our trainings deliver effective value.

We have a direct line to a broad clientele. The YourPower® concept is constantly adapted to any feedback we receive from our customers.

Whether at home or abroad, whether there is a robbery or tiger kidnapping - we have studied your situation. Our concept works contactlessly (no physical contact), regardless of location or language.

We work on a modular basis. All our basic and advanced training courses are available in different time slots.

This, together with our YourPower® app with mental training, guarantees a lasting learning result.

Content and goal


Knowing the specific tactical action strategy "YourPower" - which provides you with proven and reliable protection against aggression and criminal attacks.

With the use of your body, but without physical contact.

You will train intensively how to behave tactically both verbally and non-verbally and work skillfully with voice, code words, distance and signals.

Our strategy will give you a healthy self-confidence - you will feel more confident and with that also radiate confidance.